The Vision

According to frequent reports over the last few years, classical music is in crisis: less inclusive and less accessible than ever before, with audiences steadily dwindling in number and attention span. The Snaps Ensemble believes that classical music is still relevant, and that there is a vibrant, diverse and excited audience for it, particularly if one is to look outside of the concert hall.

And for good reason! The ‘genre’ we call Classical Music is actually the vibrant, eclectic summation of some of the best and most beautiful music produced all over the world from the last 500 years. Far from being one kind of music, it encompasses innumerable styles and traditions, and is a richer and more colourful catalogue of art than we can afford to let slip out of the mainstream. Not only is it of massive artistic, cultural and social significance, but it is also widely accepted that there are numerous benefits to listening to, and playing, classical music – from mental and emotional wellbeing to improvements in academic achievement.

The Snaps Ensemble believes that classical music is for everyone, no matter their background, education or prior musical experience. We are committed to bringing the best music, in accessible and engaging ways, to audiences who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity, or wouldn’t take the opportunity. We want to ditch the stigma surrounding classical music, without compromising on the quality of the performance.

“We are a music-making species – always have been, always will be. We are also a music-exchanging species…communicating and connecting through music.”

Clemency Burton-Hill, Can Listening to Classical Music Improve Your Life?